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johnlimbockerJohn Limbocker, is the founder and CEO of Limbo Vision

Limbo Vision
was launched in March of ”85” and is celebrating its 29th successful year in business this year.

It started off as a custom black and white film and print processing lab in Fountain Valley CA. By year-end Limbo Vision had assembled a full photographic studio and began aiming towards high end product photography for small to mid sized companies. That same year Limbo Vision shot three cover shots for national magazines and numerous print ads.

By 1990 Limbo Vision had completely pulled out of film and print processing due to an expanding demand for high end product photography. By the mid nineties, over 100 faithful clients had been acquired. The biggest processing lab in Orange County, MPS Photo Lab, referred Limbo Vision exclusively to all of its clients for photography services.

The early nineties also brought expansion into collateral marketing, advertising design and layout. Limbo Vision was now for some of its clients acting as an ad agency handling not only the photography but also the entire ad campaigns including placement.

1995 a new media was brought to our attention. The World Wide Web (www for short) was now on the horizon and customers were asking about it. Limbo Vision again changed with, and even slightly ahead of, the times and started offering Web Design, E-Commerce Construction and online marketing as a part of its services.

In the very beginning we recognized the need to supply quality traffic to our clients. Without it they would surely fail and most who refused our advise back then, did fail. Those who followed our recommendations prospered.

In the mid to late nineties Limbo Vision’s John Limbocker cracked many of the Search Engine codes of the time and was able to get top listings for our clients. John made many guest appearances as well as a few paid seminars, demystifying how the Search Engines really worked and how to beat them.

In the following years we have accounted for over 100 Million Dollars in online sales for our clients.

In April of 2008 John was asked to speak at a meeting for the Women  Photographers of Orange County. After the presentation he was over run  with questions of can you optimize my website and how much? Well at the  time he was only servicing a handful of high end clients and did not have staff in place to do mass optimization projects. So instead of offering them the service, he offered to teach them step by step exactly what  they needed to do to achieve the success he was achieving for his clients.

He created an online training program that anyone could understand and  afford. It was originally called ”The SEO Bootcamp“ and was delivered  over 8 weeks. It started with lesson one the first week of May with a class  of 23 Lady Photographers. The way it worked was the lessons were  released on Monday and you had all week to study the lesson and then on  Friday John held an open conference call to answer any question about that  weeks lesson. This went on for 8 weeks.

During the course of the 8 weeks it took to create the course the class had grown to nearly 100.  This happened when John spoke at an Internet Marketing event in Los Angeles and shared what he was doing to help this group of Women Photographers. He offered to allow the attendees of the event to join the class and over  35% of them signed up on the spot.

At the end of the 8th week the people on the Q&A call were frantic  about the class ending and loosing personal contact with John. So he  extended the calls indefinitely and turned it into what is now called  the SEO Dominator’s Club.

Today the SEO  Dominator’s Club is alive and better than ever. In May 2014 John held a  live seminar to address all the recent changes that have effected SEO  and wiped so many people out of the business. He called it ”SEO ReBoot”  and the SEO Dominator’s Club was updated with all the new materials bringing it up to speed.

One thing you can be sure of is the  freshest most reliable information regarding Search Engine Optimization  will always be immediately brought to all of the members. Nothing is  held back. If John is doing it then he is teaching and sharing it at the  same time. This way the members can have the same advantage that all of  his clients have.

Today John devotes over 90% of his efforts to search engine strategies to keep the Dominator’s ahead of the ever changing Search Engine Game.

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