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What is RainMaker?

Rainmaker is a powerful application framework that allows the user to join our network to help rank your website on the Google search engine. What if you could have Google users around the world with a multitude of IPs searching your Keywords and then clicking Your URLs on the SERPs. Google will notice your URL with Keyword Search Results matching and start pushing you up higher up on the SERP rankings. That’s what RainMaker does for your website rankings.

What's new in RainMaker 1.1.5

We added the ability to update your domain and keywords automatically in the last release.

Why does my keyword get reviewed before it is Approved?

We review all domains / keywords to make sure that there aren't any inappropriate materials or websites. The status is automatically set to “Not Approved” until our review. The review process can take up to three days depending on our backlog. If your domain / keyword is “Not Approved” you will be notified with the reason with 2-3 business days. If you have not heard back within 3 days please email rainmaker@limboland.net to report the issue.

How long does the keyword approval process take?

We will approve your keywords with 1-3 business days.

How do I add or modify a domain or keyword?

To add another domain and keyword double click on the RainMaker icon located on the computer desktop. When the window opens click on My Keywords. Your current domains and keywords will load (internet connection required). Click on the add button to add another domain and keyword. To modify a current  domain/ keyword double click on the domain / keyword and make the changes then click save.

What is the difference between the Free version and RainMaker Pro?

The free version allows “Only one keyword” and limits the number of searches. The free Keyword will show the word “Limited” in the status panel. With RainMaker Pro you get 4 keywords and have the ability to upgrade and add unlimited Keywords and the “Full number of searches” from our complete user network. The Keywords using the paid version will show “Approved” in the status panel.

Is RainMaker running all the time?

Once you load rainmaker and it starts, it will be active on your computer. It doesn't run all the time but starts and stops at different time during the time your computer is on.

Is it a requirement to have RainMaker running all the time?

Because you are part of our network and you want to see the benefits. It is important that you run the program during normal business hours as a minimum. If you are not running the program your keywords will not be getting the network exposure and not helping you.

Do I Need Any Technical Knowledge?

No. You just install on your Windows computer and that’s it!  We integrated everything into an easy to use dashboard where all you need to do is enter your Website URL and the Keyword you want to rank higher.

Can I use multiple instances of RainMaker software?

No, you may only install and use a single copy of RainMaker software on one computer.

How many Keywords can I submit with one license?

With your single copy of RainMaker you have ability for unlimited number of domains and keywords with the paid version. 

What are the computer requirements?

Computer Requirements: Windows 7 Operating System and up with the latest .NET Framework (Free) installed and internet connection.

What if I have an issue with my installation?

You shouldn’t have any issues with the RainMaker install but if you need help you can email our RainMaker support  at rainmaker@limboland.net and we will be happy to help.  Our support will get back with you usually within 1-2 business days M-F.